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Peter Cheney

Motorcycling at the Time of Depends

There’s a cycle to our own lives. We begin with training wheels, find our balance, and move on to two wheels. Then we get older, and it is back to three wheels {}. However, this time they are on a Harley Davidson. I seen this custom trike in Niagara Falls. The downside: you can not lean through corners. The upside: it is a lot more difficult to tip over. And you are still riding, incontinence issues be damned! As the great William Wordsworth wrote in his poem Lines Composed Above Tintern Abbey: “I’ve learned to look on nature less in the hour of childhood….”

Peter Cheney

Old school

No training wheels on this one. I seen this Confederate Fighter in Toronto. The Fighter is a rare machine, produced in Alabama by Confederate Motorcycles. Crafted from billet aluminum, the Fighter was motivated by post-WW2 outlaw motorcycle culture, when returning GI’s built custom bikes and sought experience on the streets of America. The price of becoming an outlaw has gone up considerably since the 1950’s: the Fighter’s starting price is about $70,000 U.S.

Peter Cheney

Some things never get old

The shop in Gentry Lane at Toronto is always stocked with automotive treasures. When I took my Lotus in for service a couple of weeks back, I was greeted with this 1957 Chevy Nomad wagon, which was getting a once-over before being put up for sale.

Peter Cheney

Analog masterpiece

The inside of the Nomad conjures up an era before digital technology. What a classic.

Peter Cheney

A golden era in stickers

If you read Hot Rod magazine in the 60’s and 70’s, then you will know the nostalgic pull of those traditional decals.

John Martins

On the Street

Reader John Martins seen another Chevy Nomad on the street in Ontario. That two-tone paint looks great.

Stephen Van Esch

One owner, may need a little work

Stephen Van Esch seen this hotrod-in-progress in Arthur, Ontario. It resembles the principles are there: a body, four wheels and a motor. But wait, what is that giant turbocharger doing sitting in front of the firewall?

Stephen Van Esch

Price negotiable…

A look in the hotrod project reveals a small work might have to get it on the street.

John Martins

Aging well

John Martins seen this 1972 Volvo P1800 in Oakville. It seems like it might have rolled from the mill last week.

Katherine Scarrow

A roadster eyesight

My friend Katherine Scarrow seen this Sunbeam roadster in Toronto. The Sunbeam was constructed in England throughout the 1960’s, and epitomized the golden era of the roadster, when two-seater convertibles fired the imaginations of countless fans. Even though it was originally produced using a four-cylinder engine under the hood, Sunbeam also created a version called the Tiger, which utilized an American-built V-8.

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Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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