Car-buying tips
Car-buying tips
  • Set a budget :Before all else, get your figures in order.
  • Make a checklist :Know the type of vehicle you want to buy and narrow it down to the models and brands you are considering. Decide which options and features you want and don’t want.
  • Be willing to walk away :If you feel you are not getting the deal you want, simply walk away.
  • Cash or financing :Shop for the price and not for the payment plan.
  • An unlicensed dealer.
  • You can only examine the car at night or in bad weather. It’s hard to see the car’s condition properly. If it isn’t available for a second look on a dry day, walk away.
  • Fresh undercoating. It can hide a multitude of sins. If the car has obviously been sprayed very recently, you might be buying problems lurking under it.
  • Bumpers and panels that don’t line up. These can indicate a car that’s been in a collision.

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